Thursday, November 13, 2014

Well Hello Again....And a Bath Story

Hello old friends! 

You may be surprised to hear it, but we do still exist. After the break of 2014 (blame it on the 3's), we've decided to give sharing our stories about our oh-so-angelic children a whirl again.

So how better to start off my stint at capturing these moments forever and ever than by sharing yet another bath story? Yes, it appears there is a pretty consistent theme in my kiddos lives around baths. 

The hubby was out of town for work -- so my aunt came over for some adult company. After dinner, I had to go through the usual routine of "choices" for bathtime with T. The common options were tossed out: "Do you want to take a bath with P?" "Do you want to take a bath after I'm done putting P to bed?" and I threw out the 3rd option: "Or, do you want Aunt E to give you a bath?" He's been really into taking a bath with P lately (probably because he likes to try to balance rubber duckies on her head), so I was pretty surprised when he choose option 3. 

I think my aunt was too. 

She fessed up to him that she had never given a kid a bath before and didn't know how to do it. So I told him he'd have to tell her how. His response? "Just wash what's dirty."

Well when you put it that way, yea, I guess it really is that simple.

Finally. A bathtime success story.