Wednesday, February 6, 2013


So, you know when your child starts to do something -- and you know it's because it's something you do? Hopefully it's something like helping old ladies cross the street or something along those lines - not some annoying habit you had unbeknownst to you until your child picks it up.

Yeaaaa, so.....

No, literally.

This week, Tyler started saying "yea." Not "yes" or "yes please" anymore....but "yea."  It's driving me a little batty. He sounds like a little New York teenager in the works.

And I don't know how to stop it. Especially when I keep catching myself answering his questions by saying "yea" in the same exact way. I caught myself at least five times tonight mid-yea.  Makes me wonder what other me-isms he'll pick up along the way.

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