Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Potty training time

We decided this was it - the time to take the plunge and start to potty train T. A lot of the kids at school are being potty trained (yes - an early form of peer pressure). We actually think that not potty training him has been contributing to some tantrums when it comes to diaper changing, so we decided to give it a whirl ourselves.

You'd think something "natural" like this wouldn't be so nerve-wracking for me, but I've been admittedly petrified. Our school has the policy of "no turning back" -- so this is it. If it takes a week or a year, T is in big boy undies from this point forward. I can't help it, I have carpet and like to do things beyond the walls of our house on the weekends, so that thought is a bit scary to me. However, a week ago, I took T through the big boy underwear section and he fixated on some Planes underoos and has been carrying them with him EVERYWHERE (not past the car - but they go to the couch, the car, and pretty much everywhere in between), so I took that as a positive sign.

We started last weekend after a birthday party and failed nap - so the mood was not the best in the house upon Go time. (That and we insisted he stay downstairs because we don't have carpet down there -- and he wanted to play upstairs with his toys in his room so it started with a bit of a power struggle and a tantrum.) But we had promised the wearing of the Planes underwear, so we followed through. And amazingly, it's been going better than I expected. Sure, there have been a few accidents when the little man hasn't wanted to stop what he's doing to go, and it appears he is afraid to poop in the potty at this point (lovely image, I know), but all in all - it appears to be a good move on our part. I'm not quite sure how we'll leave the house any time soon, but baby steps right?

On the downside, potty training has turned the one and only room in our house that didn't have anything relating to kids into a child-stuff filled room. It's not even funny.  The powder room is the closest room to the main room in our house, so it's now been assigned the title of the potty training room. Our poor guests now have to share the tiniest space in the house with a 2.5 year old boy. Lucky them, right?

Potty training essentials

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