Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Lost in Translation

I had a pretty funny conversation with T this week that reminded me how literal toddlers are.

We were talking about baby P and how she's a part of our family. He apparently understands that he's the big brother, that P is the little sister, and that she's here to stay. Even daddy is understood to be P's daddy. However, when mommy comes into the equation, he looks at me like I've told some sort of funny joke when I mention I'm P's mommy too. "Oh noooo!" is how T responds, all giggly.

So I ask what I am -- and he says "You are helping. P's mommy is in the hospital."

And that's where all the pre-baby books and conversations failed us. They all may have mentioned that the new baby arrives at the hospital -- and mommy and daddy go to the hospital when it's time for the new baby to arrive --  but they don't mention that a mommy can have more than one kiddo. So my kiddo is squarely under the impression that we're just helping P's mommy out while she's stuck at the hospital, forever.

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