Tuesday, December 31, 2013

End of year chuckles

I haven’t been so hot at the blogging thing lately. Between being back at work full time, moving into our new house, and the hubs traveling so much – it seems like there hasn’t been a moment to take a breath, let alone sit down and write a blog post.

However, the last week was pretty magical and restored a lot of the good humor that seemed to get sapped from me during our move and in general, the entire month of November. Both the hubs and I were not only in the same city last week, but both off from work. So not only did we get a good amount of some much-needed family time, we also managed to get a box or two unpacked. Pretty necessary considering we’re closing out month #2 in the house and it pretty much looks like it did the first weekend we moved in.

Then, it was the first year that T really “got” Christmas. I heart Santa and the wonderful ways he watches EVERYTHING that kids do. We had a really well behaved December purely because of Santa and the elf. (And yes, much to my own dismay, we have an Elf – and I love his powers of persuasion!).
T didn’t sleep the entire month of December in the new house. It was worse than I’ve ever experienced with a newborn baby – let alone an almost 3 year old.  December 1st (and Santa) arrived (and the cats, ironically, who were staying with Mema and Papa during the move transition) – and Poof! T began sleeping again.

All this to be said, that I am taking a much-needed moment to share my most recent parenting convos.*
Not mine, per se, my hubby’s.

Scene: Our house. Mommy is back at work, daycare is closed until the 2nd. Daddy’s work is closed until the 2nd, so it’s daddy single-parenting time.

Convo Recap 1: Approximately 1:30pm
Me: How’s it going?
Hubs: No one will nap….T threw a fit because he wants to ride his bike outside and I can’t take him outside…
Me: Can you take him outside in a bit?
Hubs: I’m not dressed yet. I haven’t had time to shower. OR get dressed.
Me: Giggle giggle giggle.

Convo Recap 2: Approximately 4:30pm
Me: How’s it going?
Hubs: (disgruntled) I am dealing with POOP here!
Me: Ok…..everything ok?
Me: Yes, she does that….So do you want me to order any food and pick something up on the way home for dinner?
Hubs: I haven’t had any time to think about dinner yet. But will you pick up some tonic on the way home?
Me: Giggle giggle giggle.

Scene: Our house. Daddy single-parenting day #2
Grandma to the rescue!!

*And one day, in the future, I will get to writing about (a) our move and (b) my little guy turning THREE . Hopefully before he turns four.

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