Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Green Tiger

T has a ton of stuffed animals. Lots of cute ones. Small, medium, huge, dogs, fish, sharks, you name it, he's got it. And could care less. He doesn't seem to be a stuffed animal person.

Until a girl won a funny little green tiger from one of those cheapo stuffed animal claw machines at our local Fuddruckers. She didn't want it, so she gave it to him. This little action may just have made his life fully complete. He has slept with it - and not just with it -- but cuddling with it -- every single night since, for 3 months now. He talks about the green tiger, he loves the green tiger, he wants to take it to soccer practice with him.

That 5 cent stuffed animal is worth its weight in gold. Who'da thunk it.

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