Thursday, November 3, 2011

Body after baby

If you're the mom of a toddler like me then in order to take a shower you likely have to lock yourself and baby in the bathroom and give her things like makeup brushes to play with while you shower as fast as you can and periodically check to make sure that she's actually playing with those brushes and not guzzling hand sanitizer instead (oops).  And then you get out of the shower and try to avoid glancing at the WALL OF MIRRORS that your bathroom randomly has so as to avoid looking at your post-baby body.  And then your toddler sees you naked, stops what she's doing, stares at your mid-section for a really long time and gives you this "WTF is THAT?!" look and it's all for naught.  And then if you're me you find yourself telling her that actually those handfuls of sagging stomach skin are from her stretching your stomach out for 10 months and that scar is from her not managing to find the exit on delivery day and that you DIDN'T ALWAYS LOOK LIKE THIS.  And then you realize you're sounding kinda crazy and wonder if your mom had this conversation with you when you were little and maybe someday you'll win the lottery and spring for one of those "mommy makeovers."  Am I right or am I right?  And after all that you give her a kiss and remember that it's all worth it.  Until she grabs a handful of that stomach skin and bursts out laughing.

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