Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Cool Thingamajiggy

So I recently bought a fun little gadget for the stroller.

I love to take T on walks every day after work -- it's my combination "me time," "T time," and "pathetic-excuse-for-exercise time." However, since I live in Texas, I've learned that it gets to be 100+ degrees pretty much from the first day of spring. Last year I packed T in the stroller the same way I'd pack a cooler, surrounded by those lunch-pack icepacks.

This year hasn't been as brutal as last year (yet), thank goodness, but I'm trying to be a little more prepared for the heat. So I found this random gadget online. It's called the Stroll-n-Cool. Apparently, if it does what it's supposed to do it keeps T's body heat down by absorbing his body temperature. The technical-ness of this little mat is a bit over my head and I don't really get it, but so far, I'm super happy with the results*.

I've done some side-by-side comparisons between T and his stroller buddy, post-walk - and T seems visibly less sweaty and flushed. And T is QUITE the sweaty-pants, so us finishing a walk in the 5:30pm heat and sun -- if he's not bright red and dripping, well, something is working right.  

Possibly the discovery of the year?

It fits really easily in the stroller - pretty cool....literally!

*Seriously, I think I want to invest in this company -- the idea rocks.

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