Thursday, June 28, 2012

Toddler Double Date

Last night, a friend and I ventured onto uncertain ground in the world of toddlers….A sort-of close-to-bedtime dinner date with our kiddos.

How an event like this will turn out, one can never be sure. T has most certainly arrived at his Terrible Two’s. The post-daycare hour is usually when he decidedly needs his down-time, either in the stroller or more recently in this 110 degree heat, watching Blue’s Clues on repeat from the couch. Don’t judge me. If you wanted to avoid a tantrum for no apparent reason other than it’s 5:30 in the afternoon and your kid feels like throwing himself on the ground in a fit of tears and screams, you might just do the same thing.

Anyway, both of our hubbies were out of town for work and I was in the mood for some girl time. So we decided to risk it.

Outcome = success!

How, you ask? The stars magically aligned.

  1. No traffic  in either direction. That never happens. Both of us arrived early, which, in the world of kiddie dates is both unheard of and fabulous.
  2. T actually had fun in the car. We passed a few trucks and a random school bus on the road. He caught on to all the farm animal noises on “Luby Loo” on my iPod and played along. That I’m squeaking like a mouse and meowing like a cat in my head because we heard it on repeat, over and over? No biggie.
  3. He let me pass off a few of his pre-dinner Goldfish to his buddy without too much of a stink. Sharing is hard, yo, and he made momma proud.
  4. He didn’t set the place on fire with our ambiance-creating candle – why they would put a candle down on a table of toddlers after we sat down, I don’t know… (but my friend gets a thumbs up for her good save)
  5. Last but not least – the kiddos both had fun! Together! T was enamored by his slightly older friend and both showed off their table “manners.” Well sort-of…They managed to both last in their high chairs for the entire dinner and Tyler didn’t trip anyone when he threw his sippy across the floor, so I think that counts for A+ behavior for the night! 

I actually drove home thinking "I can do this again..." Now THAT is success!

Toddler double date!

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