Friday, July 13, 2012


How is my not-so-little baby 2 years old today?!  She was actually due on the 8th, and 8 happens to be my favorite number, so I thought, oh, that would be cool but little miss decided she needed 5 more days in the oven before making her grand debut so she has to settle for having her birthday fall on Friday the 13th every few years now.  I think waiting for her arrival was my first official parenting lesson in PATIENCE and YOU CAN'T CONTROL EVERYTHING, ha ha. 

Speaking of ovens, ours died about 2 weeks ago (still waiting on the new one) and I decided not to buy an entire cake or cupcake tray from the grocery store, knowing I would eat half the damn thing, so instead I took Audrey to Starbucks for a cakepop because a) I needed a latte and b) cakepops really are the perfect size treat for a toddler.  She loved it and in a few years I won't be able to get away with just a cakepop instead of a birthday cake so I'm enjoying the simple life while I can.  Happy birthday monkey!

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