Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Yes, OMG.  The hubs bought me an iPhone 4S for our anniversary next week.  "So what?" you may be thinking, but you see, I am married to Mr. Frugal and Mr. Practical all rolled into one.  You know that scene in Father of the Bride where the bride gets a blender from her fiance and wants to call off the wedding?  Well, that's the hubs.  But only if the blender was on clearance at Target for $9.99.  I don't say this as a bash, he's just not a sparkly-things-that-come-in-blue-boxes kind of gift giver.  More like pot holders, sheets, mom sweaters and anything "useful" that also happens to cost less than $20.  There are no push presents in this house.  In fact, I don't think I've ever gotten an anniversary gift in 7 years so yes, this really threw me.  I had mentioned in passing a few weeks ago that I was ready to upgrade my phone after 3 years (yes, I give senior citizens a run for their money in the tech department) and that I was drooling over the white iPhone 4S.  The hubs just kind of "hmmd" a response and I figured he wasn't even listening but then here it was on our doorstep!

Now I will be entering the brave new-to-me world of GPS, email, Internet on your phone and all that good stuff (I wasn't joking about being a tech loser) so everyone who knows me should rightfully be a little frightened. 

On a side note, is it really mean to let your child sit on the grimy, gross, dirty excuse for a merry-go-round outside the grocery store and then refuse to put the $0.50 in to turn it on?  I don't really want her knowing that it moves in hopes that will lessen her interest (not likely) and I'm also just cheap and lazy.  But she loves this thing.  I literally had to pry her away with promises of donuts and M&Ms just to get her into the store.  *Sigh*  But it's also secretly adorable, I can't lie.

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