Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Magical Mommy Powers

So, sometimes there are moments that I just want to remember as being so darned cute.

We just wrapped up a stretch of a good month or so, where every night, when got back from our daily walk, T and I would go and visit the “Magic Light.” This magic light is a lamp post about two houses down the street from us on a timer – whereas all the others on our street turn on at dusk every night.  So, we walk hand-in-hand down to this Magic Light, bang on the lamp post and say “Magic Light ON!” Eventually, the light comes on – and receives an amazed gasp, a huge smile, and a happy scream from the little guy. It's totally magic. And I swear, it's been the highlight of his days.

Needless to say, we'd spend a good 5-10 minutes out there at the same lamp post every single day waiting for mommy's magic powers to kick in, the timer to cycle through, and the light to go on. (Our neighbors must look out their window and laugh at our ridiculousness on a daily basis.) The magic light craze even caught on with the other toddlers on the street. Who doesn't love a magic light? Seeing his face light up in pure excitement that we personally got the light to go on (before it goes “night night” and cycles through its dark period again) is worth it.*

Hey, I'm fully aware that I'm not going to be this cool to him forever, so I’ll gladly keep using my magical powers where I can! 

*Especially because a "I don't wanna go inside!" tantrum usually follows immediately after.

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