Thursday, January 17, 2013

My poor nose

T is going through a super cute phase of loving to sit on my lap. I love it. He is also super obsessed with this uberly boring video, “Mighty Machines,” so sitting still with me might be partially due to the hypnotizing effect of watching trucks and trains on TV. Ok, he would sit in front of it all day long if he could.  (The obsession is to the extent that the hubs just bought him another 4 Mighty Machines videos out of desperation because we might just poke our own eyes out if we have to see a diesel engine filling a railroad train up with gas one more time).  Anyway, he likes to sit on mommy’s lap, we’ll leave it at that.

Sunday morning, he was being a good boy, so I turned the trucks video on for him. He came and plopped down on my lap – and inadvertently head-butted me in the nose with the back of his head with all his might. Man oh man, I saw stars. And it still hurts. I keep asking the hubs if it looks broken to him, but he tells me unless there was blood, it’s not broken. I ask if it looks crooked now, and I get the feeling he’s not taking me seriously. I know I don’t have a delicate nose, but ouch!

On the bright side, this might be my Jennifer Aniston-style excuse to get that delicate nose one day.

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