Sunday, January 13, 2013

Taking the plunge

Clearly I have some blogging catch-up to do!  Well, we're back from Brazil, back at school and work after the holidays, and finally taking the plunge on the dreaded potty training.  I had been waiting for some magic sign from Audrey that she was suddenly ready to potty train seriously but that is clearly not coming so it's time to take a stab at it. 

Because I feel lost and clueless as to how to even begin this process, I checked out the only book I could find at the library, which happens to be a how-to on potty training girls, so things are already looking my way, right?  Of course, I'm about a quarter into the book and already getting depressed because the author keeps talking about how easy girls are to potty train and how this whole thing should be a breeze that's over in a few days.  And I keep picturing my child running around the house butt naked screaming, "diapers ARE for big girls!" and then peeing on the floor and wondering when the easy part starts.

Anyway, we went to Target this morning looking for the following:

- a reward chart
- stickers
- Pez
- a new potty
- a stepping stool to the toilet
- big girl underwear

We found everything but the reward chart.  I know it's super-lame that I want to buy one already made but I'm lazy.  I'm not crafty.  I need all the help I can get.  I'm not even sure a reward chart will work with Audrey (beyond a day or two) but she recently became obsessed with Pez candies after getting them in her stocking (ahh, grandparents) so I thought maybe if that were the reward we could get somewhere.  Just don't tell her dentist.

The book told me to get Audrey involved in all of the purchasing and picking out of potties, etc. to get her interested and excited for potty training.  She did pick out the potty this morning but then told me she wanted to take a nap and pretty much passed out in the cart so I'm still waiting for the interested and excited part.

In the meantime, I'm thinking up a reward chart for mommy as I may need some rewarding and motivating of my own when I'm cleaning up the 10th accident of the day.  This is when a full-carpeted house (bathrooms and all - who does that?) is your worst enemy.

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