Thursday, April 18, 2013

Shy guy

I think my kiddo is going through a shy phase.

That, or maybe he just takes after his momma and is shy in general.

And a blusher.

So, he’s been asking for our super-sweet babysitter for months now. Literally, waking up and requesting that she read him a book instead of me. (Really?) So, our calendars finally aligned this past weekend. A good friend of mine was in town, and so the hubs and I headed to dinner sans-kid. T's reaction when she showed up? To literally hide his face in my shoulder. The kid who would not stop saying our babysitter’s name on repeat for months now seemed to be pretending that if he didn’t see her, she wasn’t there. Oh, and he was a nice light shade of crimson from the neck up, a la mommy.

A crush in action? Or complete shyness?

This week, he and I took a trip after school and work to go and see his old daycare provider and her husband. We’ve been talking about this for a few weeks now. He was totally excited to see them – and “Toots” (his favorite of her dogs). So…We leave school in a hurry because we can’t wait. We talk about them in the car. We pull up. Big smile. We get out of the car. We run to her side gate, run through it and up to the door. And then he sees them. And freezes. And hides his face again behind my leg. And won’t talk. And blushes. And while he likes playing with her toys – he takes almost an hour (an hour!!) to warm up to her enough so that he doesn’t have to drag me across the room by the hand to show her his Cars band-aid.  It was raining a bit out, so it wasn’t great weather to play outside, which he was desperate to do there. When we were leaving, we stopped to play for a bit in the side yard that he spent so many days in – and there – that’s where he finally warmed up completely, showed off his new pedaling tricks, said he didn’t want to go home, and finally blew kisses good-bye.

But really. Is this a new phase? Or is my child turning into his blush-at-the-drop-of-a-hat mommy?         

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