Monday, April 8, 2013

Those who blog together...

get knocked up together.  As in, within days of each other.  It's a tad freaky.  But yes, Vickie and I are both preggers and due a whopping 5 days apart.  Because she has her babies early and I have mine late this means these kids will probably end up a month apart, but for my sanity I'm pretending they'll be close (i.e. I won't be 18 months pregnant at delivery). 

I'm super excited for Vickie and Chris's little girl on the way and I'm waiting not-so-patiently to see whether we'll be giving Audrey a brother or a sister since we've chosen not to find out the gender again.  I can say that being pregnant with a toddler is hilariously different than when it's your first.  The first time around I was cooking myself all these nice healthy meals, getting plenty of rest, fluids, massages from the hubs, you get the idea.  This time around the most I can usually manage is a frozen burrito for dinner, sleeping 6 hours a night if I'm lucky, and generally forgetting to do basic things like hydrate myself and take prenatal vitamins.  If I didn't have a small torpedo attached to my stomach I would honestly forget I was pregnant half the time.  I figure this kid will either be dumb as rocks (see: frozen burritos above) or I'm teaching it from an early age that mommy is busy and he/she will need to be patient (I'm hoping it's the latter...).

Audrey is still not quite sure what's going on with me.  She knows I have a "big belly" and has banished me to the edge of the couch when we read books because she can no longer open them to her satisfaction on my lap.  She also asked why we couldn't just go buy a baby at Target rather than go through the whole growing-it-for-9+ months thing, which I totally get.  I think I must be in nesting mode already because last week I decided to clean out all the closets, put all the clothing-type items up on eBay, and am working on getting a garage sale together next month for everything else.  I also decided I wanted to redecorate our living room, which the hubs has (amazingly) been semi-indulging me in.  He still doesn't know that Audrey's room is next but we'll cross that bridge when we get there, right? 

I do have to give a shout out to all the Texans and southeners down here who have been super-nice to me so far in this pregnancy.  Perhaps Maryland is full of a-holes or I'm just not far enough along for the comments to start, but people have only said nice things to me and it is so nice.  By the end of my pregnancy with Audrey I was afraid to even leave the house because I couldn't walk 5 feet without some stranger coming up to me and letting me know that a) my due date was wrong b) I needed a new doctor b/c obviously mine didn't know squat about due dates c) I must be having a boy b/c no one gets that big otherwise (oops - my bad) and my all-time fave d) that my boobs had not grown sufficiently to feed my child and there was clearly something wrong with me.  Gee, thanks RANDOM F-ING STRANGER.  Had I not been the size of a small whale at that point I seriously would have clocked that woman.  But I digress. 

So, here's to babies and frozen burritos (yes, I ate one for dinner) and now I'm going to go chug that bottle of prenatal vitamins.

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