Friday, August 9, 2013


T has never been a kid that's into music much. Probably in part because his mommy can't carry a tune and makes up her own words to songs as she sees fit, but aside from some "toddler tunes" (as we call them in our house) - he doesn't seem to have particular favorites to bop around to.

Until lately.

The New Girl season finale a few months back reminded the hubs how much he likes a certain Elvis song so he put some of Elvis's stuff on the system in his car. From this mix, T decided he loved one in particular more than he has liked any other song he's ever heard. He asks for it all the time. Asks daddy to sing it. Looks for any excuse to ride in daddy's truck so daddy will play it. And talks about it constantly. Elvis's "In the ghetto."

So the hubs had to give T's teacher a heads up about it this week at school. If T Is talking nonstop about how he loves "in the ghetto" and how he's "in the ghetto" in daddy's truck, he's referring to an Elvis song and NOT a location. Awkward.

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