Thursday, August 15, 2013

The week in pictures

So, school was closed this week. The hubs was gone this week for the first business trip since baby P entered the scene.  This means it's been the first week that the little man has been around the baby 24/7, sans typical routine, since she was born.  He doesn't seem to be a fan of newborn cries. This also means there was a whole lot of toddler angst.

My week can be summed up by this picture, which doesn't even do it justice.

Scene: One of many epic tantrums. This one may or may not be because I carried a gift in from the garage and tried to close the door to the house.

Single parenting, I am reminded, is hard. Single parenting two kids, is crazy hard. Single parenting two kids who are in a screaming frame of mind --- cue the wine.

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