Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Bathing suit time!

So, I have a little weakness.  Well, several if I'm being honest but this one is in the form of toddler bathing suits.  Especially if they have ruffles.  Or polka-dots.  Or ruffles and polka-dots.  It's way past pool time here (hello 90 degrees with 90% humidity since APRIL - I think I got a 1st degree burn on the playground equipment yesterday) but sadly we are still waiting for the pools to open.  In the meantime I am stocking Audrey's closet with adorable bathing suits.  Since she is still young enough for me to control the outfits (oh, I am going to miss that) I figure it's now or never.  I know there will be epic battles every morning as soon as we hit 2? 3? 4? and she'll be wearing tutus, Halloween costumes, princess crowns and God knows what else out the door every day.  But for now, I am in charge and I say you can never have too many ruffled, polka-dot bathing suits.  Am I right?  I've actually only gotten her one suit so far:

But am pretty sure we'll be adding these two because seriously?  How cute are those?!

I've decided there's an inverse relationship between how [un]cute I look in bathing suits these days and how many I then want to buy Audrey.  Although we both have I-look-4-months-pregnant tummies (Okay, hers is more like 6 months - let's get real.  If it weren't for swing tops she would be in pint-sized mumus) somehow mine doesn't look quite so cute in ruffled, flowered, polka-dot one-pieces.  Hmm, go figure. 

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