Thursday, May 17, 2012

Best sippy cup ever?

It's called Lollacup.  You probably haven't heard of it.  At least, I hadn't until about 3 weeks ago when I tuned into Shark Tank on ABC.  I have a small obsession with that show, even though I don't think anyone but me watches.  Thankfully the network understands and hasn't canceled it yet.  I think it takes me back to my previous life, the one in which I'm in grad school with real career aspirations and thoughts of starting my own business one day.  Fast forward to my current routine of playdates, tantrums and runny noses and I now live vicariously through reality TV. 

Anyway, a few weeks ago a couple from California was on the show with the idea of creating a better sippy cup.  Like me they had a pantry full of every sippy cup on planet Earth that all leaked, got moldy and were impossible to clean.  Add to that the fact that many of these cups have straw components which toddlers don't completely understand and so tilt the cups up when they drink and therefore get none of the liquid because the straw is now at the top of the cup and the liquid still at the bottom.

Apparently there is a better way people.  This couple created a sippy with a WEIGHTED STRAW that stays in the liquid no matter how the heck your kid tilts, dips, bends the cup.   (I'm mean duh, right?   Why don't I think of these things???!).  The cup also supposedly has minimal parts that are easy to clean, removeable handles so it can go from kid to cup holder and is BPA-free and all of that good stuff.  I know you're probably thinking, "who gives a crap?" and wondering why I'm getting excited over a stupid sippy cup, but if so then you likely aren't the one digging into plastic grooved parts night after night with the bottle brush trying to get the gunk out while your toddler runs around the house naked and refusing to put on her pajamas, mmkay?  So yes, I felt like my sippy cup prayers were answered when I saw this thing.  It's a pricey $18 per cup but I'm giving it a shot and hopefully ridding our pantry of every other sippy cup shortly.  I may have to call the local trash collection for a special pick up.  Stay tuned :)

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