Sunday, May 20, 2012

List Time! Favorite Books

My kiddo is obsessed with books. Which is a good thing - because both his parents are too. I don't think I'd want to read our books aloud to him any time soon (No, I'm not reading 50 Shades of Grey like the rest of the world at the moment....but he might not like hearing bedtime stories that involve communist Russia or murders. Just a guess.)

Anyway, I love that he loves books, so I'm always on the hunt for stories that have been sure wins of others. I figured someone might get a kick out of finding out what's floating T's boat these days in the literary world -- and maybe spark my interest in something T hasn't "read" yet!

  1. Dog - I've talked about this book before. It's T's most favorite book in the whole wide world (Thanks Amanda!). We read it at least twice every day (which is a lot considering he's at home and awake for all of 2 1/2 hours a day). If the author's other books are half as good, I think I need to invest in them all.
  2. Let's Go - The pages flip out, which makes it loads and loads and fun. Plus, it has a choo choo train. 

  3. Playtime Peek-a-boo - Ditto on the pages flipping out entertaining T big time. It also is one of those books that has things for him to touch, which he loves. 

  4. I Love Monkey - This book is adorable. The only downfall is that it doesn't have board pages, which means I've had to tape several back together as T has ripped them in his "loving monkey" excitement. 

  5. Very Hungry Caterpillar - A classic. T especially likes the part about the food. 

  6. Good Night Moon - I know this is an obvious one, but really, what kid doesn't like this book?

  7. Quack Quack - Simple, but I love that T recognizes each of the animals in the book, knows the sounds sounds they make - and interacts with the "fur" and "fluff" on the pages. It's short, but basically 5 pages of interactive cuteness. 

  8. Elmo's - So Big - Yea, so the kid loves Elmo. No surprise. This book is cute for him because he can "do" everything that Elmo does. He loves it. Plus, it has a pop-out Elmo at the end. Best book ending ever in T's eyes.

  9. Let's Help the Earth - Random sounding enough, but this is a great story with lots of little interactive things for T to get involved in. Pop-ups, wheels of bugs, hidden characters...T makes his dad read this to him at bedtime just about every night these days. Maybe it helped spur on his obsession with the garbage can and throwing things out? I swear I don't make these fixations up....

  10. Yo Gabba Gabba - It's Okay Try Again - I don't really get the fascination with Yo Gabba Gabba, but before he had ever even seen a TV episode, he loved looking at the bright colored creatures in this book. I think maybe he likes it just because it's an excuse for him to say "gobba-gabba-gobba" over and over again. But it's cute. 

  11. Little Critter Where's Kitty - Auntie Erika got this one for T and she obviously knows her stuff. This one is a hit! Lots of flaps to open and peek under with all sorts of references to different animals. T's favorite part is opening the barn door. My favorite part is collecting "Grandma's" snuggle at the end of the book. 

  12. Carry-Me Trucks - I've learned more about trucks than anyone would ever want to know by reading this to T over and over again. Yet for some reason, he loves it. Typical boy.

  13. That's Not My Truck - I've heard that all of these "That's not my..." books are fun. T likes this one (surprise surprise!) - probably because it has truck in the title and because one of the pages has a shiny "tank" that doubles as a mirror. My kid likes to look at himself. 

What books did I leave off this list that T should be reading, pronto? Help me expand my little bookworm's library!


  1. You bought G a truck book and he LOVES it. he also likes to find the mouse in all of the "that's not my..." books.

    Loves dogs. We also have "heads" by the same author.

  2. Great list! If vehicles are as big of a hit in your house as they are in ours, Down By the Station by Jennifer Riggs Vetter, is one of our absolute favorites...singing it is an added bonus :)

  3. Thanks for the suggestions!! I am definitely going to invest in these!