Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Mommy brain

Is there such a thing?  Because I've recently self-diagnosed this particular affliction since it's easier to swallow and make fun of than early on-set dementia or Alzheimers.  Here's my proof:

Exhibit A: I went to Target today specifically to buy diapers.  As I was browsing along the diaper aisle I suddenly, for the life of me, could not remember what size diapers Audrey wears.  Despite changing 5 diapers a day apparently I can't remember this basic fact.  Fortunately Pampers has figured idiots like me might have this issue and prints the size on the front of each diaper.  So, by making Audrey remove her pants in the middle of Target I could resolve this little problem.  But seriously?

Exhibit B: At least once or twice a week, I back the car out of the garage on my way to the gym, the grocery store, playgroup, etc. and after driving for a few minutes I suddenly can't remember if I closed the garage door or not.  Panic ensues.  (Someone will steal the Bob!  Someone will break into the house and kill the dog!)  Sometimes this happens around the corner from our house, sometimes about 20 minutes away but every single time I freak myself out enough that we drive allllll the way back home to check.  And of course, I've always closed the garage door.  But the not knowing *for sure* gets me every time.  Needless to say Audrey and I are often late for appointments and I can't very well say, "oh, we were just driving all the way back home to make sure I closed the garage door b/c I'm OCD" so I usually have to blame it on Audrey.  Sorry hon.

Exhibit C: Last week I found myself railing at the TV when I couldn't find my usual Wednesday night 9:00 p.m. show.  (How dare they!)  Until the hubs kindly pointed out that it was, in fact, Tuesday night and therefore my show wasn't on.  Okaaaaay then.

Have I scared you yet?

So what does this mean?  Am I going to forget Audrey's birthday next?  Where I live?  I'm taking my vitamins.  I've never played football.  I drink a lot of wine water.  I wasn't even this spacey when I was pregnant, and at least "pregnancy brain" is a documented phenomenon.  I think a weekend at the spa and a shopping spree would cure me in no time, but for some reason the hubs disagrees.  And so I am stuck being THAT MOM that pulls her kids pants down in Target to figure out what size diapers to buy.  #Sad


  1. I, too, seem to have a case of “mommy brain!” (Maybe that's why I like you so much! :) ) More frequently than I like to admit, I’ve had neighbors verify that my garage door is actually closed – or – actually gone into my house to make sure my straightening iron is unplugged. Mommy brain is brutal.

  2. Yup, me too. I had a neighbor that would check the iron for me.

    I am sad to say that it does not go away. I have an almost three year old and the memory of a slug.