Monday, November 19, 2012

Please talk me out of this

You know when you've been looking for a certain clothing item forever?  Like almost 2 years?  And you just can't seem to find IT (i.e. the one)?  And you've sort of thrown in the towel and given up?  And then one day you're out buying wrapping paper and you see it.  And it's gorgeous.  And there's only one left.  And it's in your size.  And it happens to be your birthday in 4 days.  And everyone in the store is telling you how awesome/cute/fab it looks.   

And then you look at the price tag.

And it says $600.  (Yes, six HUNDRED.)

And then you're not so excited any more.

And then you have a moment of insanity and try to rationalize such a purchase.

And then you call the hubs and vent to him.

And he starts laughing.

And then you get depressed.

And then you're suddenly craving chocolate.

Well, I'm having one of those days. 

Sniff, sniff.

(Here's the part where you tell me that this jacket isn't really all that nice.  That the leather isn't that buttery and that the shearling isn't really that soft.)  Can we all agree that it's against the rules to be tempted with things like this at freaking TJ Maxx??  I mean jeez, I thought I was safe there.


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