Wednesday, November 21, 2012

My turn for preschool prep

The fam and I are a few months behind Erika on the majority of child-rearing experiences. So as you know, Erika embarked on the world of preschool and mothers-day-out programs back in September. A few months later, it's now our turn.

T is starting at a Montessori school in January. It's a bit bittersweet for me, as I absolutely adore the woman that takes care of him daily while I'm at work. Back when he was an itty-bitty baby and being "18 months old" seemed so far down the road, we envisioned starting him in a "school" by that point.  But, he was so happy with our daycare provider and still seemed so little to us - so we let that age come and go without even considering taking him out of her care. 

However, she encourages parents to find other arrangements once the kids turn two. Maybe something about them becoming hellions around this time? So, with his birthday over the holidays, it's time. Sniffle, sniffle. 

To take my mind off of the fact that my baby is growing up so fast - I have a shopping list we have to bring to class on the first day. 

1. The infamous nap mat. I think I may spare myself the torture Erika went through and order this one. We have to use plastic ones anyway - so at first Google search, there's not a whole lot of room for my indecisiveness to come into play.

2. House slippers. We bought T some adorable little Lightning McQueen slippers for the house, which, to be honest, he's kind of afraid of at the moment. However, for school, the slippers can't have any distinguishing marks on them that other kids might also want. So I think I might order these boring things.

3. Rain boots. Same thing goes for the boots. No cute fireman rain boots for school. I think we're going straight black.

4. Lunch box. I think this will be a Christmas gift from Grandma, personalized with T's name. Cute, right?

5. Cloth napkin and napkin ring. Really? Not sure what to make of this one, but it's on the list. My son is going to be one classy dude. Hope he doesn't start to expect this type of service at home!

6. Blanket and sheets for nap mat. I'm also sort of at a loss on this one. T has a zillion blankets that he got as baby gifts -- but are these appropriate to bring to sleep on the floor with at school? I picture toddler tug of wars - not sure I want to subject our pretty blankets to 20+ 2 year olds, but then again, what else do I use? And what about a pillow?  I ordered a set of these sheets for the nap mat, but these seem pretty pricey for sheets that are going to be on the floor daily. HELP!

7. Packable lunch containers. I guess I could just buy tupperware, but I feel like he should have his own? Overthinking, much?

Basically, I'm afraid T's going to show up for the first day and I'm going to be that mom that forgot to pack all the essentials.

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