Monday, December 10, 2012

My poor lacking Zzz's

The top 3 reasons why I want a do-over on last night’s beauty rest.

  1. The child. After a seemingly peaceful and content bedtime (pat on the back, mommy! With the hubs out of town all week, I really wanted to start out the week on a good note.), T started crying for mommy about 2 ½ hours later. Since this isn’t a daily occurrence, I decided I better go up and rub his back to calm him down. If only I could get in the room, that is. Somehow, during what I thought was his deep slumber, the child had climbed out of his crib and laid down smack up along the doorframe to his room. So when I went to open the door and go in, I couldn’t get past the lump that was my child on the floor blocking my entrance. Don’t you have a video monitor, you ask? Why yes, yes I do. And T tends to like to sleep in the one blind spot of the crib where we can’t see him with the monitor – but he doesn't usually make a peep, so it's not a big deal. But last night, I never even knew he wasn’t in there. Freaked. Me. Out.
    So, I had to go through the whole bedtime routine all over again with him, because he spooked himself out (probably by waking up smushed up against the door and NOT in his crib). And then it took him a good hour to get cozy again. No more tears, but moving around a lot, standing and sitting and kicking and rolling. Not exactly the start off of a relaxing night that I was hoping for. So you can be sure that I had my eyes glued to the monitor afterwards to track his escape plans. Didn’t really help my slumber that I was sure every noise I heard was my kid catapulting out of his crib again. Luckily, he stayed put for the rest of the night.*
  2. The dog. After the kiddo finally settled back down, cue the dog waking up. Our ever-lazy, always-sleeping dog got some sort of burst of energy at 1:30am and decided he wanted to play, pee, and venture outside. Seriously, pups? Not cool.
  3. The wind. I am not a Texan. So, when these cold fronts come through every once and awhile, they startle me awake and keep me up All. Night. Long. Cold weather does NOT show up this way in the Northeast. Along with the 40 degree instant drops in temperature, I become convinced that the wind bringing in said weather at 3am is also going to burst my patio furniture straight through my bedroom window at any given moment. So I wait and wait for the inevitable crash. I make a crazy action plan in my head that consists of garbage bags stapled to window frames at 3am to prevent the cats from escaping through soon-to-be-broken windows. Generally, I hear the (massive) dog house blowing over – it’s like Oz vs. Kansas outside my window. Strange panics to have at 3am, I admit, but luckily, no flying patio furniture this time around.

And each one of these “events” had me out of bed, with the lights on, moving about. And double checking the locks while I was at it. Oh yea. And NOT sleeping.  See why I need a do-over? These bags under my eyes are so not flattering.

*Me thinks that it’s finally time to admit the time has come to move T into a toddler bed.

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