Monday, December 3, 2012

Holiday dining

The hubs and I had a long-planned date night on Friday night and got out for an extremely glamorous night on the town. Ok, we went to Wal-Mart. And almost went to Olive Garden too -- if I had gotten my way -- as I was craving some salad and breadsticks. Alas, the two destinations were in opposite directions of town. Don’t even ask what is wrong with me. Wal-Mart and a potential Olive Garden visit in the same night? I know. I know. It’s embarrassing. Utterly embarrassing. My least-favorite-place-on-earth was where we spent our long-awaited babysitter-enabled night out. However, to be practical, we (read: I) looked at the calendar and we (read: I) deduced that we have zero weekend days between now and Christmas to get holiday and birthday shopping out of the way. There was no other choice.

Anyway, over dinner, we started discussing hosting Christmas dinner. It’s our second time hosting Christmas dinner, but our first time to host when I wasn’t 9 ½ months pregnant and had a good excuse to cater it out entirely. So, I want it to be nice. I want to make (most-of) the meal. And I’d like to start to establish a few traditions. What traditions? I’m not sure – but I don’t think we’ll be incorporating my hubby’s ideas into the day:

In response to my idea about setting up the card table for extra seating:  
Hubs: “If it’s nice out, we’ll just set up the card table in the garage and people can eat in there.” 

In response to my thought that we’ll probably need to borrow folding chairs from my parents:
Hubs: “Why? We have those camping chairs we can set up.” (Yes, the ones people use at tailgates with cup holders in them.) 

In response to my push back on the horridness of serving Christmas dinner in the garage with camping chairs:
Hubs: “Well, it doesn’t really matter. I figure you and I will sit with T by ourselves in the kitchen anyway.”

You think I’m joking. 

 Pull up a chair to our tailgating Christmas extravaganza!

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