Monday, December 10, 2012

Shopping and the mail

With the holidays (and T’s birthday) rapidly approaching, I’ve done most of my shopping online this year. Ok, this isn’t a new thing - I do pretty much all of my shopping online. Between working and parenting and trying to keep my house halfway clean, malls aren’t usually open when I’ve got some free time to shop.  The only problem? The package deliveries.

Now, I’ve been pretty lucky this year that most of the things that I’ve ordered have come when I was at work*. Because there are two things you should know about me. (A) I hate going to the mailbox and (B) I hate when the doorbell rings and I’m not expecting it. Yes, I am that person that hides behind a chair and goes completely still when the doorbell rings, in case the person at the door has x-ray vision and can sense movement inside the house. Open the door? Of course not! I wait in silence (aside from my dog, who may just be going berserk at the sound of the “stranger alarm”) until I think enough time has passed for the door-ringer to leave. Then, I creep over to a window and pull up the blind ever-so-slightly (you know, like in horror movies when someone *thinks* someone might be watching them, but the window looks dark?) and then, when the UPS truck starts to pull away, I begin to breathe again.

Is this weird?

*The other day’s nap mat sheet delivery did not….and since my peephole is now covered in a holiday wreath, the delivery almost gave me a heart attack.

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  1. I also hide. I hate answering the door. And just leave the package. Please don't knock. Oh, and don't try to sell me anything. And I do all shopping online. And NEVER go to the mailbox.