Saturday, March 2, 2013

Back in town

So, I haven't blogged much lately either, and it's due in large part to the fact that I feel like I've barely been in Austin, let alone, with my child, for what feels forever.

It's hard to write about what your kiddo is up to lately when it's all second-hand knowledge.

First, I was at a work convention for an eternity up in Dallas. Friday AM all the way through Wednesday PM. That's a looong time to be gone. (And a long time to be on my feet -- that convention center is huge). And a long time to work nonstop (and not even have time to see Erika dear when I'm like 10 minutes away!) And the longest time I've been apart from T. And it felt like even longer since he was sick (still) when I left.

How did he and his daddy fare? Let's see. A double ear infection and 7 days of a fever. Similar stubborn personalities that clashed and probably brought out the most terrible two's in both of them. Perhaps a few tantrums on both sides of the fence.  But  I think that despite spending the time possibly getting on each other's nerves, the hubs AND the kiddo both enjoyed the father-son time together - even if they are both too stubborn to admit it.

I was home literally one full day when the hubs and I had to jet set off to California for a neighbor's wedding. It was nice to get away - and we traveled with some other friends from the area which was fun.  But I will admit that after a week of lots of on-my-feet working and far less than adequate sleep, getting on an airplane and flying away from my couch (and T) was super hard.

Eating ice cream at Grandma's -- yet something else I missed while I was gone!

This week has been a slow improvement in T's behavior (though we have to work on the new hitting and kicking tendency he picked up) - as I'm hoping that mommy abandoning him for over a week right after daddy was out of town is becoming a distant memory.  On the bright side, surviving that week has convinced me that the hubs and I could actually not only survive but possibly thrive on a mommy-and-daddy-only vacation next summer if we actually had the time to relax a little in the same place at the same time together.  T will forgive us by then, right?

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  1. He will! AND it will be SO FUN. AND, you'll remember why he was your husband in the first place :)