Friday, March 22, 2013


My kiddo is all boy, as you probably know pretty well by now.
My hubby is as macho as you can get, as you probably have figured by now as well.


We're adding some ruffles and lace and pink to the mix this summer.... a baby girl is on her way!

While I think we're collectively terrified about how it is humanly possible to take on the responsibility of another kid without a) scaring T for life and b) going broke -- we're also super excited at the idea of completing our family with a little sister for T. I get all mushy when I think of T learning to look out for and protect his future little sister (that is, if he gets out of this hitting/kicking habit sometime soon and starts to be nice to girls again) and of Chris having a little princess wrap him around her finger.

And it WILL happen.

The hubs, who is currently trying to convince me that little girls can, in fact, wear the same blue that their big brothers do and that pink lacey newborn bloomers set the stage for encouraging her to become a stripper later in life, is going to be playing princess dress-up and daddy beauty-salon in the not-to-distant future, mark my words. it's out there. I've been a bit hesitant to talk about this pregnancy, anxiety being a key reason. But it's time. Some lady in my office building touched my belly yesterday. Blech. Not cool, strangers!

Now....time to start the PINK shopping!

Get ready's (going to be) a girl! 

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