Friday, March 1, 2013

List time! New Favorite Books!

It's been a little while since I've put together a list for the blog. So, why not do another book list? I don't know about you, but I'm always on the hunt for fun books that might get T's interest, so why not share his latest favorites? You'll probably sense a theme...

1. Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site - It certainly makes it easier to go to bed at night when all his truck buddies are going to bed at the same time!

2. Cars - While he's not yet into the Cars movies, T LOVES him some Cars books - especially when they make noises, like this one does. Race noises, music and horns to bring the book to life.  Favorite pages? Anything with Mater on it. In case you might be wondering, Mater is a little boy's dream -- an old dusty tow truck with buck teeth.

3. Tons of Trucks - I can recite this book by heart, we've read it so much. You probably don't want me to do it right now -- though I will if given the chance! Really, it's pretty darn cute though - and there are interactive elements on every page, which T is really into and I get a kick out of too.

4. Noisy Diggers - Now this book is an interesting one. It was a 2nd birthday gift from a friend of ours, and I've been giving her a hard time since then for gifting a book whose sound effects include rocks breaking and dumping. Regardless of the headaches the loud and less-than-peaceful noises give to mommy (thanks, friend!), T absolutely loves it. So, if it's a winner with him, its a winner (albeit slightly begrudgingly) with me too.

5. Wheels on the Go - I'm really not quite sure what is so special about this book, but T certainly loves it. Maybe because it was an impromptu gift from daddy? What's good about it is that it features some modes of transportation that differ from the typical truck, train, and car -- we get to read about a bicycle, go-cart, and trolley.

6. Good Dog, Carl - This one is one of those classic books from when we were kids. It actually has virtually no words in it, and the point is to make the story up as you look at the pictures. I'm constantly saying "And this isn't a good idea..." when we're looking at the pictures, (I mean really, who wants to encourage their kiddo to get babysat by the dog and go swimming in the fish tank while mommy is out?) but T gets a kick out of it.

7. Click Clack Moo Cows That Type - I think T gets the biggest kick out of this book simply because he gets a tickle every time we get to a "Click, Clack, Moo" stanza (how can you not?). I love the adorableness of the storyline of the book (and that, even though it was apparently published in 2011, it still has a typewriter and an electric blanket in it. Probably the only place T will ever hear of either of these two things). i wasn't sure at first if it would make T's favorite booklist simply because it didn't have a truck as the main character -- but hands down, he asks for it almost every night. It's simply too cute.


What new books have you found that I should go out and get for T?

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  1. We love freight train, little red caboose, danny and the dinosaur, don't let the pidgeon drive the bus, C is for caboose, Mr. Brown can moo can you.

    Oh books. We love love love books. I need to get some of your suggestions!