Monday, March 25, 2013

Just a day in the life

Did I mention yesterday that I was lucky enough to get projectile vomited on, in my birthday suit, seconds before hopping into what was to be a relaxing shower, by THE CAT, from a ledge? That has to be a lucky-charm type thing - no other explanation for how I could have possibly been lucky enough to experience it. After hitting her bullseye (me), the cat also managed to puke in every crevice around the toilet, which was ultra fun cleaning up for me.

Today, I got home from work to find that our bathroom toilet had flooded. Though tank-water doesn't have the gross factor that cat puke does, it was another ultra fun clean up for me. Around the same dang toilet. Did I mention that the hubs is out of town and I know nothing about toilet repair?

Oh, and in my post-flood frustration, I decided to get out my spa gift certificate to make an appointment tomorrow because after all that cleaning and I deserved it...out of our cheap hidden-in-the-closet-for-extra-drawerspace dresser. Yea, so in the process, I couldn't get the drawer open right away, so I tugged on it, perhaps a little to hard, because I took the front of the drawer right off.

Happy Monday. Sigh.

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