Thursday, May 23, 2013


I think I've pretty well established on this blog my champagne taste and beer budget predicament, which thankfully has found an outlet through places like eBay and Craiglist.  This pregnancy has sent me into re-decorating/organizing mode and of course I can't afford any of the items I actually want to buy, but luckily it's moving season which means it's Craigslist season.  I find this is the time of year when all the awesome stuff shows up on Craiglist as people move and purge.  So, while the hubs is working every weekend, Audrey and I hop in the car and drive all around Dallas picking up our finds.

This past weekend we scored 2 Land of Nod Storage bins which had been on my wish list for as long as I can remember.  After enough stalking I finally found them - score - and got both for less than the price of one.  These fit perfectly into the bottom of a closet (which I find to be wasted space) and are baby/toddler height so they can easily get stuff in and out.  They're also stackable, although I'm just putting one in each kid's closet for the time being:

Next it was off to the wealthy part of town to pick up our new Pottery Barn Kids Cameron Storage System.  This is going in the playroom I'm creating in our new house, and even better is that it already matches our dark wood furniture.  I got two of the set below and now just need the baskets for smaller toys:

The last 2 items I want are a new coffee table and dining room table.  Ours are both glass and while we *haven't* had an accident yet, with a 2-year old and soon-to-be-newborn in the house I really don't want to push my luck any further.  Only problem is that I can't load and haul these items without help from the hubs, who of course would rather do just about anything else on a Sunday.  So, a bit of manipulation may be required now and then, in the form of me telling him stories of crazy Craiglist ax murderers who might, I don't know, abduct me and stick me in a closet upon arrival.  Unless of course the hubs goes with me to save me [pick the items up].  I know it's not fair, but I get a pass for being the size of a walrus and having heartburn 18 hours a day, right?? :)

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