Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Sweet Moments

There are certain things that my little man does in between the tantrums that melt my heart because he doesn't realize how darned adorable they are.

To sum up this past week, I came down with some sort of chest-and-head yuckiness.  Followed on the heels of probably over-doing it while packing up some boxes* and I ended up at the doctor last week because of a slight fear that continuously coughing up a lung and lugging some heavy stuff (toddler included) was setting off some funkiness that could be defined as pre-term labor. I'm fine.  The doctor did allude to the fact that I've got to take it easy a bit more and not over-do it. And she may have asked me about the likelihood of taking off a couple of days of work to relax and recoup and I might have giggled at her.

Anyway, so one of the things I'm trying to do is make a concerted effort not to pick up my 30+ pound toddler around for everything he "must do" to "help" me -- like turning on the microwave, shutting off the lights, opening the garage door, etc. The easiest way to explain this change? Since he's already asked why "mommy is so big" (that was a nice blow to my ego this past weekend) - we've just started pointing to my stomach and saying "Mommy can't pick you up. Mommy's tummy hurts." Cutest thing ever? When little boy sweetness emerges. T came right over and kissed my tummy and said "I make it better." Heart melting. Even more adorable? He reminds me daily that "Daddy has to do it, mommy's tummy hurts" and gives me more "all better" kisses. So, it IS possible for almost two-and-a-half year old little boys to have preciously sweet moments**. My momma's boy.

And the other sweet thing abut this sicky week I've had? The hubs probably doesn't realize it, but he and the little man have reached a new level of cuteness together. Since T has had to re-delegate some of his usual mommy duties to daddy, it has been absolutely adorable to watch them together. It's pretty much a given that T laughs way more with his daddy than he does with me. I might be a little jealous of it already.

*A blog for another time, but the hubs and I might be crazy. We decided we'll be putting our house on the market and building a new house during new-baby time. Which requires getting it up to snuff now. And keeping it perfect until then. [Cue maniacal laugh]

**Until it's time to do something he doesn't want to do and WWIII emerges. Like this morning. Cuteness vanishes pretty quickly then.

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