Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Pre-babies Reunion and other happenings

Since our due dates are rapidly approaching (or not so rapidly as it may feel some days), Erika & I decided not long ago that we needed at least one more weekend get together before we experience the temporary insanity that accompanies the arrival of a newborn. Hopefully we both manage to pull ourselves together quicker this time than the first time around and are getting all FOUR of our kids together in no-time, but just to be on the safe side, a pre-July visit was mandatory.

It was a quick visit and of course, due to the Really Big Boy Bed switcheroo and resulting lack of naptime, my child had morphed into a 3-foot tall monster. Tantrums and moodiness aside, it was a great visit. T appeared to have a slight infatuation with "Unkie Ben" - but when he was willing to share a toy or two with Audrey, they were adorable together. Just look at these little future lovebirds.

Sorry for interrupting your table for two, kids.

Together time.

In other news, T ate some cat food this week. By choice. And then went back to the cat bowl and popped another morsel in his mouth. With a smile. Gross.

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