Sunday, October 23, 2011

A roarin' good time

In preparation for the Little Dude's very first Halloween, the Hubs is trying to teach T how to roar. Like a dinosaur. His costume looks a little alligator-like, but we've determined (by Googling it) that we did, in fact, buy him a dinosaur costume. So now the pressure's on. He's got a little over a week left to learn how to roar like a T-Rex.

And he's trying. Of course he is. I've said it once, I'm sure
I'll say it until he's at least a pre-teen and his parents are no longer "cool." Daddy does it, T imitates it. Only, of course, it's his own take on the "dinosaur roar." Instead of an adorable little-kid-copying-animal-noises sound, T makes the universal sign for "I'm choking." We had to warn our daycare provider that when T isn't making crazy faces, he is now crawling about looking and sounding like he's gagging on marbles.

Why can't the Hubs teach T to do something give his mommy hugs?

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