Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Stuffed heads

You know you've lived in Texas for too long start decorating your child's room with animal heads. Stuffed ones. Sort of as if grandpa was hunting stuffed animals and chopped the head off his prize "find" to bring back home to his grandson.

To be fair (and ok, a little proud of T's -- aka my -- New York bloodlines), I did discover this precious wall decoration in my personal Mecca, Bloomies. And this retail visit to the Most Wonderful Place on Earth was on my last trip to New York*, so it can't really be a style choice attributed to a "I've turned country" thing. However, I also admit, that the two friends I was on this shopping trip with might have looked at me like I was a little bonkers when I was fawning all over these stuffed animal heads on the children's level of our dear store. I assure you this stuffed fauna is totally and utterly adorable. In a non-redneck way.

The stuffed animal head wouldn't fit into my suitcase to take it back home, but lucky for T, his Great Aunt just moved down to our neck of the woods from the City** and was looking for an excuse to spoil him. She knows a good purchase when she sees one.

Check it out - cute right?

*Don't even ask how much I miss Bloomies. Instead, ask about joining my personal email campaign to the company suggesting why the retail operations of the Most Wonderful Place on Earth need to expand to Austin. I've been stalking the biz dev team since I moved here, people.

**Which now means that my entire family of New Yorkers calls Texas home. Pause for the enormity of that statement. It's pretty darn awesome.

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