Sunday, October 9, 2011

No sneezing allowed

I got back from my long-awaited trip to NY last week and promptly came down with a cold. Darn airplanes and recirculated air. (Oh, and darn sharing of an entire tube of cookie dough with friends who recently had colds...but the eating of the cookie dough is a long-standing tradition so I will ignore that part. I digress.)

Not only did this cold make its rounds through my entire family (wonderful), it also led to the discovery of a strange little kiddo quirk. T is TERRIFIED of me blowing my nose. ABSOLUTELY, completely, what-am-I-doing-to-this boy scared to death of nose blowing...Tissues might as well be tools of torture, they are such hysterics-inducing things.
I can admit it, it's a tad strange. He'll grow out of it eventually, right? You don’t hear of too many (any?) grown-ups with tissue-aphobia, so I’m counting on the likelihood that T won’t be one of them. At least I can be assured he won't be the kid in school who sits at his desk and eats his snotty tissues for fun (oh come on, we all had one of those sitting next to us growing up...I sure did anyway).

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