Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Mothergoose Storytime

Since I'm relatively new to this stay-at-home-mom thing (I was previously working full-time), I'm continually looking for things to get me and Audrey out of the house that are a) within our nap schedule b) relatively close by and c) not insanely expensive. This led me to the local library where I signed us up for Mothergoose Storytime last month. The class meets every Monday for 30 minutes and basically we sing songs, read stories, and the kids run around and play. Although in Audrey's case she refuses to participate in the "free play," instead waiting until we are supposed to be quietly reading before taking off across the room screaming "da da!" Awesome. She also cries during parachute time which makes no sense to me since that's the most fun part if you ask me! Anyway, despite these little bumps we keep going back because Mommy needs to get out of the house sometimes :)

Now comes the funny/awkward part. Because we live in a heavily Indian part of town, 99% of the other parents/kids in the class are Indian. Nothing wrong with this, however, as part of every class we go around the room and sing everyone's name out loud. Guess who can't understand anyone else's name and has to mumble through them all under her breath? Uh, that would be me. And it doesn't seem to get easier as the weeks go by. Although this past week I discovered that the misunderstanding runs both ways when one of the other parents asked me, "Is Audrey a boy or a girl?" (Um, for reals?) Maybe I need to up the girl factor with her or something. I thought the hot pink pants and matching onesie were a dead giveaway but said parent seemed rather shocked at my reply ("Oh!"). Time to dig out the barrettes? Well, judge for yourself.

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