Friday, March 23, 2012

Puppy dog

T loves this book.

Seriously, loves it. He "reads"it every day, is completely fascinated by the wagging dog tails, and loves the *thump* it makes when he tosses it off the coffee table.

So we read through it. Alot. Every sentence, as you can imagine, has the word dog in it. We call our dog, "Jameson the dog" or "Jameson dog." Our daycare lady has two dogs. We say hello to our neighbor-friend's dog on our daily walk. I am convinced that "dog" is going to be T's next big word, considering he hears it about every 2 minutes.

So, we're reading through the pages of "big dog, small dog, teeny dog..." and what happens? T points to the pages and says....."Puppy!"

Not dog. Puppy.

No idea where he learned that.

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