Sunday, April 29, 2012

Clean, Baby, Clean

I've decided to embrace my child's new obsession with the Swiffer.

At first, I hid this particular cleaning tool, because we couldn't get within a 10 foot radius without T going insane-crazy wanting to play with it. All the time.

But then I decided, this little obsession really has potential.

So I bought Swiffer pads in bulk, keep the Swiffer tucked next to the cabinet in the kitchen, and let the little guy go nuts.

My house might just end up clean after all.

It's a hard knock life, apparently.

1 comment:

  1. Vickie, We have the same obsession with all things cleaning at our house. Ell has a child-sized Dirt Devil vac that he follows the cleaning crew around with. Well, if I had to do it over, we would totally get the Dyson version that actually picks stuff up. By a child! Do it!