Friday, October 19, 2012

Bug 1, Us 0

We thought T was on the mend - and he even got to go back to daycare.

Until today, again.  Sent home sick again.  Same tummy bug, back again.

Apparently this stomach bug is running rampant all over Austin at the moment.  And the worst moment of the morning before T got sent home sick?  The terrible realization that came to me as I dropped him off at the same time as another kiddo's dad (who had apparently caught the bug from his daughter and was up puking all night).  I signed T in with the same pen as the dad, after the dad used it.  I realized what I had done after I had already put my hand to my mouth with the same hand that touched the same pen that pukey dad had used to sign his daughter into daycare moments before. (Miles and miles from the nearest hand sanitizer.)

I'm doomed.

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