Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Grossest Afternoon Ever

What we initially thought was a flu shot reaction in T has morphed into a lovely stomach bug.  Got his flu shot on Saturday and by Sunday lunchtime T had his first pukey-pukey episode. The hubs and I have been splitting our days off this week so we both get half time in the office and half at home with our poor little patient. And last night, I really thought we were turning the corner - T was playing in the bath and happy again.  Finally.

Today, he was home - but in pretty good spirits. Anyone with a sick kiddo knows how sad it is to see them miserable, so you can imagine how happy I was to see some playtime around here. You can also imagine how impossible it was to explain to my milk-drinking, yogurt-obsessed child that dairy has been put into the off-limits category until his stomach settles down -- so you can probably picture both the hubs and I breaking the rules a little and sneaking him some milk here and there (like when the hour long hysterics while hanging onto the refrigerator door screaming for milk happened). And when the kid has refused to eat anything at all (including anything on the B-R-A-T diet), turned his nose up at Gatorade and Pedialyte, and barely touched any water -- we both figured something was better than nothing. 

Well, apparently not. This afternoon was the Grossest. Afternoon. Ever.  The poor Uppa Baby might not ever recover from the trauma it experienced on our afternoon walk this afternoon. It's currently air drying in the backyard after a bathtub soak. I kid you not. 

I deserved some of this tonight --

Thankfully, despite the grossness, I didn't lose my appetite for ice cream. 

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