Sunday, October 7, 2012

State Fair

Yesterday we made our first visit to the Texas State Fair and it was quite an experience.  Despite the 56-degree weather the place was packed and honestly, I have never seen so many crazy-looking people in my life.  I wish I were quicker with the camera phone but just like with Mr. Banana Sling on the beach in Ft. Lauderdale, alas, I am too slow.  Anyway, the hubs said first things first when we arrived and headed straight for an 18-wheeler that was turned into the world's largest grill I think.  He promptly ordered us the world's largest corndog, some french fries, and a tiny soda with no lid (Random fair fact: lids on cups are not allowed.  Because that makes total sense).  All this for the low low price of $20.  (Not so random fair fact: it's expensive as hell).  Audrey loves hot dogs so needless to say the corn dog was a hit:

Once our arteries were 97% clogged we headed over to the petting zoo, which was a smaller, smellier version of hell.  Aren't petting zoos supposed to be outside?  Should giraffes have to duck under scaffolding and light fixtures to walk around in their pen?  I don't think so.  Despite the hoards of people, the smell, and the half-crazed animals, Audrey was able to feed a white buffalo, and really, it doesn't get any cuter than that.  I on the other hand, made the mistake of petting a baby donkey, whose mother promptly charged at me and sent me jumping (and screaming, let's be honest) backward.  Oops.

Finally we walked around looking for some kiddie rides that Audrey was big enough to go on.  It costs about $7-$10 PER RIDE so we let her go on three (cue major temper tantrum...).  I sent her dad on with her because things that spin around repeatedly make me queezy and she wasn't big enough for my favorite ride, the rollercoaster.  Now this is what pure joy looks like:

I love that little monkey.  She had a great time and is already begging to go back.  Next year I'm saving room for "cup of trash."  Whatever that is it sounds delicious.  

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