Sunday, September 16, 2012

Preschool update

Audrey has been in preschool for 2 weeks now, and I'm still trying to figure out what she does there.  Despite the fact that she never stops talking, she clams right up when I ask her about school.  So, I have to try and figure it out by observing her at home.  Here's what little info I've gleaned:

1.)  She now refers to herself as "Miss Audrey" so I guess she has either promoted herself to teacher (wouldn't surprise me) or the teachers refer to the kids as "Miss" and "Mr."  (Is that a southern thing?)

2.)  She frequently sings the following bits of songs to her doll babies:
- "God our Father, God our Father...Amen.  Amen." (it's a Methodist school)
- "Monkey swinging through the tree - alligator can't catch me!"
After each song she shouts, "Good job friends!"

3.) At least once a day now she tells me "I have to go potty," at which point I get really excited, plop her on the toilet, and then get a "she fell for it!" look before she bursts out laughing.  It's not quite as hilarious to me...

4.) She must be eating way too many cupcakes there because she asks for one daily now.

5.) I know she's going to art "class" because the teachers told me, but for some reason she's intent on destroying everything she makes before she gets home so our fridge is sadly still empty.

And my nap mat idiocy continues.  After spending nearly $50 to overnight a foam nap mat from Amazon, I learned that the school already has those for each kid.  What they really wanted and apparently needed to spell out in great detail for me and only me...was that the kids need a sleeping bag-type thing that can be rolled out on top of the foam mat.  When I asked the other moms where they had gotten theirs they launched into something about sewing pillow cases together and stuffing them and then sewing a blanket on top.  After some blank staring and awkward silence on my part one of them suggested Etsy, which I did consider but didn't want Audrey to go another 2 weeks without a nap mat.  So, I splurged AGAIN on one at Pottery Barn Kids now that they're back in stock.  Yes, it would be great if I were crafty, knew how to sew, and had enough free time to stuff and sew pillow cases together but I can barely get a shower in every other day so that's out of the question.  So Pottery Barn it is.  The hubs is thrilled with this expensive lesson in what-the-eff-is-a-nap-mat by the way.  And I think I've cemented my reputation as clueless mom at school.  But whatevs, it's mandatory to invite the whole class to birthday parties so they're stuck with us!

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