Friday, December 9, 2011

Friday night and the weekend's here

Ah, what a difference a few years makes. How the reasons for loving Fridays have evolved over the years....

Circa Late 1990s - The college life. Getting dressed up in our black TAPS (that's tight-assed-pants, in case you're not familiar with 1990s teenage lingo) for a night of frat parties was all the rage...Fridays rocked because the next morning, breakfast was available til 2pm. And make no mistake, I got my meal in at 1:55.

Circa 2001 - Living in NYC with my roomie, Friday nights were all about what "all in CAPS" bar we hadn't yet tried in the Zagats guide (and checking it off) and getting our bop on (that's dancing, in case you're not familiar with early-2000s City girl lingo). Getting free drinks didn't hurt. (And I ended up marrying the guy that picked up the tab on most of my free drinks...go figure.)

Circa 2011 - These days, I love Friday nights for three reasons. (1) Mommy happy hour followed by (2) ice cream for dinner (hopefully T doesn't ever catch on to my diet habits) and finally (3) uninterrupted laundry time, ahead of the game! Yea, I'm totally in my Snoozies (an obsession discovered on maternity leave, thanks to Hoda & Kathie) by 7pm these crazy Friday nights. Life is good.

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