Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Pinterest wreath

I finally made something that I saw on Pinterest!  (Woot woot!)  Since I couldn't afford the wreath I really wanted from Ballard Designs I decided to make this one since it sounded pretty much idiot-proof.  Here's what you need:

- 13 or 16-inch foam wreath form
- about 200 push pins
- 1/2 yard muslin or plain white cotton fabric
- 2 yards of red canvas (or whatever color(s) you're doing)

You cut the muslin/white fabric into 4-inch strips, wrap them around the foam wreath form and pin them into place.  Then you cut the red canas into 4x4 inch squares (whoever 'pinned' this neglected to mention what a huge pain-in-the-ass this part is, especially when your toddler is jumping all over the fabric - just fyi).  Next you fold the red squares corner to corner twice, making a triangle, then pin each one to the wreath.  I pinned them in rows leaving the back empty so the wreath would lie flat against the wall.  One side ended up a little "thicker" than the other - oops - but overall I'm pretty happy with it.  Here's the wreath just before I finished:

Here's the finished product:

And here's my attempt at creating a holiday mantle with all of the kitschy decor I've been gifted over the years by well-meaning people:

Yes, we only have 1 stocking for 3 people.  I don't know how that happened but we're going to my parents' house for Christmas this year so I'm not even dealing with it.

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