Saturday, December 3, 2011

Knight in shining armor

So ok, it's been well established at this point that I'm a softie. The word "goosebumps" was basically invented for my use because everything gives me them. Much to my hubby's dismay, I am pretty much a constant cheeseball and am trying my darndest to make T into a snuggler (which is not working, FYI).

But the Hubs? Not so much. He’s pure macho. No feelings on the sleeve for this guy! So how can I tell that he loves me? The random phone call while out on my nightly walk with T. He’s called to tell me that he sees a helicopter, possibly a police one, circling the nearby vicinity with a "searchlight" on. He suggests that I cut my walk short because he doesn’t know why a chopper would be circling, or who they must be looking for, but he thinks that it can’t be good. I kid you not. So, while I might have nightmares for the next few days about the random psychopath that **may** have escaped from prison and is now evading police, hiding in my neighbor’s driveway and waiting to attack me & T as we stroll on by, the mush in me has also gotten all warm and fuzzy that the Hubs called to protect me from the prison-break crazies out there. That's love, Hubs-style.

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  1. Love it. I once hid in the closet because there was a police officer on our street looking for something... or clearly, some ONE.

    So excited to see you on Monday!