Thursday, December 15, 2011

Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain

After a year of no rain, we are currently being inundated with the wet stuff here in Texas. It's supposed to last another zillion days. And it's really cramping my style.

Not surprising, the weather doesn't have me looking my finest at the moment. I have the drizzle-frizzies in the worst way and have pretty much given up on the ability to pull off any look besides the ponytail for the time being. It's also completely halted my ability to exercise. Sure, I could try the treadmill after T goes to sleep in the evenings, but since the yet-to-be-used treadmill is upstairs, I can only imagine the reaction my not-quite-laid-back dog will have when it sounds like the ceiling is about to fall on his head.

The worst though, is what the rain is doing to my house. My poor floor. Because we haven't had rain in an eon, our backyard was looking pretty barren. But now, it's a giant mud pit. Yay*. And while the Pups has stayed inside since it's started monsooning, he still does have to get outside sometimes (you know, to do his business). And each time he goes outside, he tracks in about an acre worth of dirt. It's so bad that I've actually mopped multiple times since the weather took a turn for the worse**. And I don't think it's helping. Nope. I'm pretty much just spreading the dirt to a wider area. It's fabulous. And tomorrow, our cleaning lady comes. And it's supposed to rain, again. So the dog, since he's of the protective "I don't like people in my house when my owners aren't there" variety, needs to be outside. In the rain. A disaster in the works.

I wonder if the poor cleaning lady is going to walk inside my house and cringe? Ask for a raise? Run away screaming? Let's face it, we all clean for the cleaning lady. But I wonder if I should spend tonight deep-cleaning extra-hard in preparation for our cleaning lady to come clean so I don't have to hide from her in embarrassment?

Darn rain.

Thought I might die. He needed to go out the second I cleaned for the cleaning lady tonight....mopping rendered useless.

*One of the joys of home ownership. I am not looking forward to the pretty penny that resodding our yard is gonna cost in the spring after this year's draught caused its lovely deadness.

**Not a fan.

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