Saturday, February 11, 2012

Northern Exposure

We've had our first little glimpse of winter down here in Texas today. Like, in the low 40s. I know, it's February already, you probably don't feel all that sorry for me. I've never pretended to like the cold - but I remember last year, saying that I was a little achey for a good snowstorm. It's true, that little ache for snow sneaks up on me, maybe once a year. I think of the snow we had in New York. You know the kind, when you snuggle up on the couch with some hot chocolate and fluff, a blanket and girly movie and watch the snow fall outside from the warmth of the couch. Oh yea, that's right, that sort of snow only really happened in the movies -- instead, no doubt, it would happen on a weekday, so you'd end up sloshing around in the dirty wet snow, getting lovely salt de-icing stains on the bottoms of your pants and hoping that work would send you home early due to "bad weather" - which of course never happened because the subways weren't slowed down by the snow in the least. Now that I think about it, I'm not really sure why I miss it!

Anyway. It was cold today. Brrr. And there are rumors on The Weather Channel that we might even get some of those flurries I've been missing tonight. Because Texans don't seem to believe in dressing for the weather, I've been brainwashed to think that T didn't need mittens. I was wrong. And now, I'm doing (what else?) online shopping trying to find some cool tipless gloves for the little guy so he can still get his Cheerios fix on our daily walk. Flurries tonight? Cool. Then...I'm ready for spring.

All bundled up (minus the mittens) on today's walk

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  1. So I had mittens for E when he was smaller, but those things are freakin' hard to get on!We worked through it, but yeah. I know, I'm a Texan and no one else would complain about such things.