Thursday, February 9, 2012

When Did I Turn Old Enough...

To read Redbook?

Seriously. I've always had this impression that Redbook was Cosmo for grown-ups. Now, I admit, I grew out of reading Cosmo back in my early 20s and I'm kinda-sorta in the grown-up age range at this point. But still....When did I get old enough to actually relate to what Redbook has to say?

So I stumbled across their blog a few months ago. And I admit it, I even bookmarked it. There are something like five different women who write for it. Sometimes I totally get it. Their thoughts totally echo my thoughts. Sometimes I'm just not "there yet" or am already "over it." (I'm writing this on an don't judge my reco on the current post.) But well, it's a quiet day at Chez Moi, so instead of hitting up some online shopping, I thought I'd share some reading. Sharing is caring!

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